Art Wetherell was an artist, comic illustrator, writer, dreamer, husband and father. This website has been created by his youngest daughter, Katherine Wetherell, to celebrate and explore a life that regardless of being cut short, was so full of creativity, talent and inspiration. It’s a life that deserves to live on, not just in the minds of his family and friends, but for admirers, fans or anyone else who has found themselves here on this website, who may also find joy in his art and his work.

Not only did Art leave behind a body of wonderful work, but he also left an enviable collection of books and vinyl records that are enjoyed to this day by his immediate family (thanks Dad!) I share pictures and info on these books and albums on Art Wetherell’s Instagram page which you can view here: @artwetherell

~More about Art Wetherell~

Arthur as a boy

In April 1961 Arthur Wetherell was born in Grimsby (UK), a town founded by Vikings, surrounded by Bronze Age round barrows and permeated with Victorian cemeteries. He had a great fondness for the old fishing town, and found inspiration in the rain drenched streets and ancient hills.

His love of comics started young and continued till the end; from 1980 and for many years he kept monthly records of the Marvels he’d acquired, which almost always included Avengers, X-Men, Thor, Captain America, Captain Marvel and Iron Man. He’d note in parentheses next to each one his thoughts on the issue, the quality of story, art etc. But his interest in comics went beyond just reading them, his passion in life was art, and he aspired to be a comic illustrator himself.

His youth was spent tirelessly sketching and drawing, page after page of human figures and expressions. In his late teens and early twenties he sat long hours in the back room of his childhood home and created full mixed media works (see gallery) honing his skills while expressing his interests in cosmic horror, sword and sorcery, sci-fi, fantasy and comicbook characters.

After college and Leeds Polytechnic (Now Leeds Beckett University), he embarked on his professional comic career, contributing to titles published by Marvel UK, including Transformers and The Incredible Hulk, as well as Dark Horse’s Jabba the Hutt and Tales of the Jedi. In the 1990s Art worked with Eros Comix, creating stories and illustrations for multiple titles (Blazing Foxholes, Treasure Chests, Sizzlin’ Sisters). It’s in publications such as these that one can see the ‘Wetherell girl’ style that was truly his own, beautiful female characters with long legs, full figures and even fuller busts!

It was the 1980s when Art created his own character, Deathwatch, an eternal champion who stalks the night, ready to defeat all unwholesome creatures that dwell in dark places, from ghoulish cults to the hungry undead. Deathwatch stories have been published by Harrier Comics and Gaijin Press (See comics for a list of all publications Art Wetherell has contributed to.)

Art was a dreamer; he saw endless aeons in the stars of clear crisp nights and ancient civilisations in the western sun. Arthur died suddenly and unexpectedly on Christmas Day 2003, leaving behind a wife and two daughters who continue to be inspired by a life lead with tireless determination and enviable talent.